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Monday, May 25, 2020

The Exercise of the Mirror to Increase Self-Esteem

The Exercise Of The Mirror To Increase Self-Esteem

Self-confidence is associated with a happy life. Accepting oneself and feeling proud of its qualities and characteristics leads to relaxation, relaxation, and avoiding stress. Many believe that achieving this is not easy. But this belief is wrong. Some simple exercises help with that  - including, for example, a 15-minute bedtime mirror "exercise routine" that helps restore self-confidence.

To proceed with the exercises:
It may seem odd to you, but it is nonetheless interesting. To do this you only need one thing: a simple mirror.
Stand in front of this mirror, standing if possible. Look straight into your eyes.

First exercise: repeat yourself aloud the objectives that you want to accomplish in the present.

"I will talk to the girls around me"
"I speak during class"
"I also speak in front of the class while being super confident"
"I'm comfortable when I talk to a guy I don't know"
"I am serene even when I am surrounded by lots of people"
"I gain confidence in myself"
"I am overcoming my shyness"
Let your inspiration do the rest. You have to repeat all that out loud. Already it will show you if your ideas are clear in your head: if you do not know what to say, you clearly lack objectives.

Say it in a determined way and out loud! You must be fully into it.
I warned you that it was weird, preferably done in the morning or just before bed. It helps, I don't know how but it will help you!

Second exercise: say to yourself "I love myself", compliment yourself, say your faults positively.

" I love myself "
"I have more developed listening than average"
" I am funny "
"I have a lot of empathy"
" I am beautiful "
"I love my body"
"I work my spread" (here default)
"I manage my shyness better" (default too)
"I make an effort to talk to people"
In the rest of the tutorial there will be a chapter on its qualities / defects, it will give you inspiration for this exercise. Here we work more on self-love ("I love myself") and self-esteem (qualities / faults). Self-confidence is based on self-esteem which itself is based on self-love. Increase your love and esteem allows you to gain self-confidence!

You really have to do this kind of exercise while believing in it. At first it will make you weird I'm sure. Keep talking to you until you believe your own words. You want to hear an "I love myself" that comes from the heart!

Good luck to you!

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