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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

A Little Help With Constipation From Nature

Constipation typically happens once your consumption habits do not follow a normal and natural flow and your system becomes blocked, inhibiting what would have otherwise been a regular process of elimination.

Of course, the causes of constipation are greatly varied, ranging from an insufficient water intake to the side effects of prescription medications, as well as associations with a number of medical conditions such as diabetes, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disorders and other issues.  And if it is accompanied by severe pain, or involves a frequent alternation between episodes of diarrhea and a complete cessation of bowel movements, it's best to promptly consult with a gastroenterologist to identify the cause of the intestinal trouble and find the proper remedy.

But for occasional constipation, it may be helpful to know a few natural constipation-relieving aids.

Fresh fruits, in particular, can be of much assistance where constipation is concerned.  Here's a brief rundown of the foremost fruit candidates for a little help in getting things moving down there again:

- Consuming pears daily helps maintain proper bowel movements.

- Daily consumption of guava helps keep the bowels clear.

- Consuming one or two oranges before bedtime or after waking is an effective way to avoid constipation.

- Because papaya is a natural laxative, it helps prevent constipation.

Additionally, there are some home remedies you can concoct that can greatly facilitate proper bowel movements.  A few examples for your consideration:

Raisin water
- Soak some raisins in warm water.  When the water cools down, drink the water.  This is an effective at-home treatment for constipation.

Ginger tea
- Drinking ginger tea in the morning will help you defecate quickly.

Warm honey water
- Mix a tablespoon of honey in half a cup of lukewarm water and drink it in an empty place in the morning.  This will assist in having a proper bowel movement.

To try to avoid constipation issues, it behooves one to eat about 25 to 30 grams of fiber daily, choosing from a variety of foods rich in fiber such as beans, broccoli, carrots, bran, and whole grains.  If you're not accustomed to eating foods which are high in fiber, it's best to add these items to your diet gradually, beginning slowly over several days as you slightly increase the quantities.

An extremely common cause of constipation is chronic dehydration.  The importance of drinking a lot of water is grossly underestimated by so many people, and constipation is but one of countless manifestations of a water deficit.  The old six-to-eight-glasses-a-day may not be reasonable or realistic for much of the population, but if you succeed in consuming even half that in volume per day, you'll invariably find your health almost automatically improves in some way or other.  And this doesn't apply just to the hotter months of the year, when you may be sweating out a lot more, either.  For those of us who live in more temperate climates, due to indoor heating, it's been said that one's living abode in the winter months may actually be drier than most deserts on Earth.  So drinking plenty of water every day should really be made into a year-round habit for general health and wellness.

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