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Monday, June 1, 2020

How to Deal With the "Quarantine 15"

For so many people, being under mandatory quarantine restrictions has resulted in what is now colloquially known as the "quarantine 15," which refers to the unpleasant extra poundage accrued by people under very restricted "lockdown" orders.

Furthermore, gyms are only just now beginning to reopen in many areas, and for those people even comfortable in returning to a gym, they may be faced with more limited options than they formerly had -- classes aren't yet allowed to resume, and gyms are required to severely limit the number of people who can be there at a given time.  As a real-life gym manager myself, I know all about these matters, believe me.

Those who lament the extra pounds they may have gained over the last few months could still find some hope with a product called FloraSpring.  FloraSpring is for anyone who wishes they could eat what they want and still lose weight, anyone who wants to generally improve their digestion, and especially, anyone who has struggled to lose weight no matter how much they exercise (if they can even safely do so now).

FloraSpring contains a breakthrough formula of "super strains" that revitalize the helpful microbes in your stomach and turn the food you eat into more efficient nutrients your body needs.

Interested in FloraSpring?  You can visit here to watch an instructional video about it for further information.

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