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Sunday, June 28, 2020

How to Maximize Your Metabolism

Metabolism basically means the count of calories you burn per day. Repeatedly you have might read from the articles about the desirability of accelerating the rate of one's metabolism. Also, you've likely noted two common characteristics of people afflicted with "metabolic syndrome," as it's called: they take in far more calories than they burn up, and they don't move so much (thus directly contributing to a lack of caloric burn-up). If your metabolism is slower, you can expect you'll be burning a lesser amount of calories. In order to increase your metabolic rate, you're advised to follow the below tips:

1) Regardless of fads, do not observe fasting because you burn too many calories at once, which is really harmful to your body. In this process your muscles turn weak and you face dehydration rather than minimizing the fat content.

2) Dine about 6-8 times a day, especially consuming such nutritious items such as fruits and vegetables.

3) A heavy breakfast is a key factor in increasing the rate of metabolism. Since you are awake for the whole day, you're fueling yourself for the whole day, and you're more likely to burn up whatever you take in if you eat it early enough in the day. If you eat a heavier breakfast, you're also less likely to be hungry throughout the day.

4) There are many kinds of healthy fats available such as various cold-pressed nut oils, fish oil (such as in softgel form), olive oil, and coconut oil. Rather than slow down your metabolism and/or cause you to gain weight, if consumed consistently, they'll actually help you in those regards. There are plenty of misguided people who still very erroneously think that all fats are bad, period -- even though this has been proven patently wrong.

5) Consume less sugar in general so that your insulin production is more regulated. This in turn facilitates the burning of surplus calories by your body.

6) Eat about 1 gram of protein per pound of current body weight.

7) Remember that alcohol is significantly harmful for the people planning to lose weight. It hinders fat burning and, since it's sourced from grain products, it usually comes pre-loaded with a lot of excess calories.

8) Green tea and water are the best forms of beverages that do not affect the metabolic process. Caffeine, as found in coffee and tea, including green tea, does have a metabolically-stimulating effect, for those who tolerate this substance well (not everyone can do so). If you do consume these caffeinated drinks and you start to experience insomnia or other issues (even heart palpitations or blood pressure increases, if the quantity of caffeine is high enough), it's best to back off a bit on the amount you drink.

9) Night shifts are normally not advisable, but if they are unavoidable for you due to your occupation then follow the other tips mentioned herein even more carefully.

10) Simply put, move more. Even if you're already a pretty active person, you can surely find some way or time to include a little more activity. It's even better if you throw in more impromptu activity sessions, rather than doing the same exact thing at the same exact time every day. That way, you're body won't know whether you're coming or going at any given time, and it will be less likely to acclimate itself comfortably to what you routinely do and thus be more able to equalize your metabolism accordingly. Whenever possible, you want to keep your body in a constant state of readjustment, so that your metabolism will follow suit and remain in the "go" mode.

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