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Friday, July 3, 2020

On the Path to Self-Hypnosis

(Don't stare into that picture too long; you might find yourself hypnotized.)

Seriously, though, if you're metaphysically-inclined, there is a certain methodology you can apply to bring your dreams and desires closer to realization. It could be used for anything you wish to obtain -- perhaps it's losing weight, perhaps it's greater success in finances or relationships. What follows is a general outline of what may effectively be called "self-hypnosis," and how to go about employing it.

1. Know what you want.

In this crucial first step, you need to consider what you want versus what you don’t want, and you need to be able to distinguish between the form and the essence.

Instead on focusing on what you don’t want, it’s important to focus on what you would like to experience instead, because your subconscious mind says “YES” to whatever you focus upon. If you don’t want illness (assuming you don't'; some people subconsciously prefer to be sick, believe it or not), focus on perfect health. If you don’t want lack, focus on abundance. If you don’t want to experience stress, focus on experiencing peace, and so on.

Sometimes people focus on the “form," i.e., the physical thing, instead of on the “essence” -- the feeling they would like to experience upon obtaining the item of their desires. If you aspire to create or attract a specific thing into your life, ask yourself about the feeling you believe this thing would give you. By focusing on the “essence” of what you want, you massively expand your options. 

You may find that there are many other ways to experience that desired feeling even now, and by experiencing that feeling now, you further open yourself to attract the thing you seek.

Many times we chase certain things, only to discover that they didn’t give us the feeling we expected to obtain by having them. And even if the thing you originally had it mind does indeed bring you the desired feeling, this process may bring you further insight into many other different ways to enrich your life, such as to open yourself to many different opportunities that will allow you to experience even more of that desired feeling.

2. Claim what you want as yours.

Once you know what you want, imagine and FEEL that you already have the thing. Engage as many of your senses as you can and while in this almost trance-like state, vividly imagine yourself as if you are already enjoying the desired condition, thing, circumstances, etc. You may also re-invent your life, in your mind, imagining that you have always had this resource, quality, or thing you’d like to experience.

The whole point of the “depth” of self-hypnosis is to allow you to put your conscious mind and the awareness of the outer world aside just long enough that you are able to fully experience your desired experience as REAL for you NOW.

It's essential to remember that your subconscious mind does not distinguish between what is outside of you - what you may interpret as “real” - and what you experience only in the realm of your mind. The subconscious mind concludes that something is REAL, if it FEELS REAL to YOU…NOW.

3. Clear the obstacles in the way of what you want.

Successful self-hypnosis is very much akin to planting seeds. You decide what you would like to grow, you plant the seeds by imagining and feeling that you already have the desired outcome. You don’t have to concern yourself with how is the plant going to grow -- it is endowed with intelligence to fulfill its purpose, and if you try to meddle too much in the plant's growing processes, it won't get to develop as is necessary and natural to it. What you do need to do is pull out the weeds if you notice any.

When you plant seeds of your outcome in your subconscious mind, your doubts, fears, anxieties, conflicting beliefs etc. are to be thought of as "weeds" you have to uproot. If you believe that it's impossible for you to reach your goal, but you just want to try it, forget about even going any further with it -- it’s not going to work. The procedure requires your certainty that it will indeed come to pass, through one means or another.

If the goal seems to overwhelming, cut it down into smaller, achievable goals -- goals you believe are attainable for you now. It doesn’t matter what anyone else has accomplished. The only thing that matters is what you now believe is possible for you. Other peoples' accomplishments may inspire you -- but whether you’d be able to accomplish the same, or less, or more, depending only on what you resolutely believe to be possible for you, and on the action you're willing to take.

Sometimes people look for “proofs” and assurance outside of themselves, often (unfortunately) through asking other people for their opinions as to whether something is possible or not. This only serves to inform their subconscious minds that they are still filled with doubt – that they don’t really believe that they can experience the results they desire, so they usually don’t. 

The best place to look for “proofs” when using your subconscious mind is in your own experiences -- through conducting your own experiments.

It's entirely possible to get and create absolutely anything you may ever want to create through the power of your mind. However, to overcome your own self-imposed limitations, you either have to have limitless faith, or even better, to do some research and gain understanding as to why YOU CAN be or have whatever it is you set your heart upon.

This also brings us to the POWER OF DECISION. If you have ever DECIDED to experience something and if you can recall how that feels, you may become aware that at such times your mind was fully focused on your GOAL, and even though you might have been aware of possible obstacles on the road, they hadn't prevented you in reaching your outcome. When you truly DECIDE that you want something, you “cut yourself off” from any other possibility and COMMIT yourself to having the experience you desire.

You may already have heard a certain bit of prose by the Scottish mountaineer W.H. Murray, which goes:

Until one is committed
there is hesitancy,
the chance to draw back,
always ineffectiveness.

Concerning all acts of initiative
there is one elementary truth
the ignorance of which kills
countless ideas and endless plans:
That the moment one definitely commits oneself,
then providence moves, too.

All sorts of things occur to help one
that would never otherwise have occurred.
A whole stream of events issues from the decision
raising in one’s favor all manner of
unforeseen incidents and meetings and
material assistance which no man
could have dreamed would come his way.

Whatever you can do or
dream you can, begin it!
Boldness has genius, power
and magic in it.

4. Let go and trust in the process.

This is probably the hardest step for most people -- and it may take some practice to totally and completely trust in the wisdom and power of your mind, universe, God, your Higher Self, or Truth (pick the term you prefer) to be able to bring into your experience what you asked for.

You may notice that sometimes when you think about something and then you completely forget about it, not even giving it a second thought whether it’s going to pass or not -- the thing you thought about just miraculously happens. That’s because you have spontaneously let go, and by forgetting about it, your subconscious mind was able to take over and create that experience in your life.

Other times you may feel that you want or need something really badly -- so badly, as a matter of fact, that you can’t let go of the notion that you must have it. Ironically, as much as you want it, you are inadvertently not allowing it to manifest itself for you.

When something is really important for you to have, and you have no idea from whence whatever you need is going to come, trusting may feel as if you were walking on a tightrope. With practice, though, it does get much easier.

Practicing gratitude -- that is, feeling gratitude for what you need and/or desire as if you have already received it -- will help you to get your mind off the worry, and keep it focused on your goal.

In a manner of reiteration, gratitude will dramatically cut the time it takes to get what you desire, and it will dissolve a lot of obstacles toward getting the results you’d like to create using your own self-hypnosis.

You can thank your subconscious mind, your unconscious mind, God, universe -- or whatever you like to refer to, by name, as the power and intelligence within you and all around you that is able and knows how to bring into manifestation every one of your heart’s desires.

5. Recognize when you receive that for which you've asked.

Sometimes what you ask for may come into your life in a slightly different form than what you envisioned. Also, sometimes the "timing" of your receipt is a little off, according to your plans or whatever timelines you had fashioned. It is important to notice and acknowledge that what you asked for has in some form manifested for you, nonetheless.

Sometimes what you ask for may be even better than what you asked for (as per what was vividly imagined in self-hypnosis).

Sometimes what you ask for may be a far cry from what you wanted. It may be just a signal that what you asked for is on its way. Now is not the time to give up, but to keep on thanking that what you desire or even something better is on its way to eventually arriving in your life.

You may also want to re-examine your beliefs, doubts, worries, insecurities or feelings that you don’t quite deserve what you asked for, that it would be too good for you, or perhaps that, after all, you don’t really want what you asked for. As a guideline for distinguishing between something you only temporarily wanted (or, worse yet, a "want" that is more someone else's want than truly your own) and something you really do very much want, if it's something that frequently and repeated occurs to you independently of outside influences, such as when you're alone with your thoughts, then it's most likely something you really do genuinely want.

Remember that your outer-world experiences only reflect what’s in your mind, so if you don’t like what you’re experiencing, all you need to do is to change your mind about it. If you expect only the best in life, and keep on thanking your mind and the universe for giving you the best, in joyful expectation of these experiences, your outer-world experiences will come to reflect this.

Acknowledge that everything that happens in your life is forever moving you forward -- and, directly or indirectly, into the realization of your goals and desires.

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